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2016 - 2020

Useful side of art. 2020, video art, mem, internet resourses.


Internet walking through the library of memes,
a maze of stories and strange phrases, based on Russian language paradocses.

I predicted years ago that privacy would be irrelevant in the future, not because I wanted this to come true but because I could see the signs. I could see that AI would soon enough be used to influence our perceptions and consciousness. It was evident that people were willing to trade their privacy for convenience. I could see that the more data we exfoliated into the digital cosmos, the more control future AI would have over our minds. That day has arrived, and it is just the beginning.


Welcome to the age of Deepfake, the age of perceptual manipulation.  


We are heading for a potential crisis in what psychologists call reality testing — Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory in which the ego recognizes the difference between the external and internal world. The inability to discern the difference between what we want to be real and what is real will be ubiquitous in the future if we do not find a way to protect our minds from Deepfake AI. 


Deepfake AI is a perfect example of what happens when you stare into the digital mirror. It stares back.

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