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Mixed media, glass, asphalt, 2016 - 2020, 60x50x50 cm
Installations, 2016 - 2020, glass, asphalt, stones, 40x43x35 cm


And what will become of the emptiness of space? Quite often it appears as just a shortage. The emptiness is regarded as the lack of fullness of cavities and intermediate spaces. But, perhaps, just emptiness is akin to one’s own place of place and therefore it is not absence, but pro-creation. (...) Emptiness is not nothing.

It is also not absence. In a sculptural incarnation, emptiness comes into play as a search-throwing admission, the creation of places.
Heidegger, “Art and Space”.

For me, light is a decisive factor. I have always been interested in the objective nature of light, as an electromagnetic wave or particle stream, and our subjective perception of it. In my works, I investigate the interaction of light and objects made of different materials: glass of several kinds, stone, asphalt, gold leaf, fabric.


Objects are static and arranged in a certain sequence, they interact with each other, emphasizing the integrity of each other. There is a situation when mutualinuence deprives objects of their usual function, but turns it into a work.


Maxim Boxer Gallery, Moscow, October 13-21, 2018

Objects - Masha Ivanova, graphics - Anastasia Levina.

Curator: Yulia Vergazova

In their joint project, Nastya and Masha construct a visual language arising from experiments with simple shapes and materials. Its components are assembled from elementary constituents and evolve into more complex structures.


Emptiness is viewed not as the absence of everything, but as a place of pure opportunity, storing in itself the maximum potential energy for further development.

In this field of possible scenarios, the artists build plastic relations between spaces of emptiness and spaces of the realized.

The emerging structures and entities can be considered both a planned result and a set of outcomes of a random experiment, where any event lies within the laws

of the world that gave rise to it.


This world manifests itself at the junction of will and chance, chaos and certainty, emptiness and fullness.

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