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The police constable.

2011. 120 x 110 cm, watercolor on paper.


I am always looking for beauty. I always see the beauty. The beauty of the human form and face. This work, first of all, is about a girl, about her femininity, so carefully hidden by her uniform: a rough tunic and a police cap. Perhaps, the idea of my work is not obvious and not immediately noticeable. Looking at the picture for the first time, we see, first of all, a stern warder -- a guard, meticulously performing their duties: strict gaze, military bearing. The place is the Red Square. I painted only the upper edge of the Kremlin wall, thereby marking the geography of what is happening. I am one in the crowd of people walking along it, past which passes the strict constable. But I, first of all, see a beautiful girl, a human being. And I want to be sure that the audience could see it in my work too.
The work is written in a free manner; the brush paints the form, fills it with content. The white colour becomes the space of the sky, the black and all the shades create a material medium. Wide brush strokes and monochrome colours were used -- the picture is almost black and white. I created an image to be quite heavy and discreet.
I came to this technique of working with paint after being inspired by Chinese watercolours: their freedom, precision, ease, and imagery, the possibility of creating multiple shades and colours with just a few brushstrokes


Man against the light
2011. 100 x 70 cm, watercolor on paper.

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