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Sculpture,painting 2018, plaster, granite, tempera, 100x150 cm


In this project I present works done in different techniques. All of them are united by a common theme: repetition of the form, duplication of the some number of times.This repetition can occur as many times as desired.The same structure and form is always played back. But I get different results. It turns out something like this, but not the same. Similar - approximately. The theme of time is embodied in repetition.The variability of our memories is represented in the form of a materialized abstract object.We perceive time as a unit of measurement, for example, a second. I represent it as a physical object. These works are a visualization of my memories. I walk around the city and watch the endless concrete patterns of the city blocks. Sometimes they are diluted with bright spots of green foliage or someone’s clothes.All this makes a visual series of impressions saved in my memory.All this for me is time.This is a set of repetitions of physical objects done a number of times.

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